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Rally Finland, July 31st - August 05th 2024:

The Rally of the 1000 Lakes, as it used to be called, has been held since 1951. The rally is famous for its high average speeds, its many jumps and the beautiful location of stages in the middle of the Finnish forests and lakes. Experience the most legendary rally of the year with the Finland Rally specialist. For over 25 years Rallytravels has been organising the trip to the Finland Rally. We know the most spectacular places of the rally. The perfect choice for real rally enthusiasts



Wednesday 31 / July
16:00 hrs meeting Airport Helsinki Busterminal
19:00 hrs arrival hotel/bungalow Himos

Thursday 01 / August
In the morning shakedown following from the service area.
Extra booking: Ford Msport visit. In the afternoon the rally is starting.

Friday 02 / August
We follow the rally and visit 2 - 3special stages

Saturday 03 / August
We follow the rally and visit 2 - 3special stages

Sunday 04 / August
We follow the rally and visit 2 special stages inkluding the powerstage. After the finish ceremony in Jyväskylä.

Monday 05 / August
Arrival at the Airport at 10:00 hrs


Contact us if you need help with your flights.
Program subject changes!

Services included:

  • Rallytravels transfer from/to the Airport Helsinki to Himos
  • 5 nights accommodation in 3 - 7 bed bungalows, single–double rooms in the Hotel
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Transfer by comfort coaches
  • Selected action full spectator points
  • Rallytravels Guide on-hand to assist throughout the tour
  • Spectator passes for the service area, shakedown and Special stages and rally magazine
  • Result service and up dates with the Rallytravels App


Rally Finland with start, finish and Service Park in Jyväskylä. We have been organising the trip to this legendary rally for over 25 years. The average weather in this part of Finland at this time of year is between 18 - 22 degrees. The perfect rally weather.

Rally Finland:
Rally Finland (formerly 1000 Lakes Rally) has existed in Finnish national rallying since the 1950s. It has been on the World Rally Championship calendar since 1973. The rally is known for its high average speeds, its many jumps and the characteristic stages in the middle of the Finnish forests and lakes. The rally is held in central Finland around Jyväskylä. Jyväskylä is also home to Servica Park and the start and finish of the rally.

Rallytravelstransfer on Wednesday, 31st of July 2024 at 16:00 hrs. from Airport Helsinki to Jämsa our Hotel and to the Bungalows.

Some options for Flights from different destinations (state 23 Oct. 23)

Bruxelles National Ryan Air/Finnair (1Stopp) from € 225,-
Paris CDG Finnair (Nonstop) from € 376,-
Luxemburg KLM (1Stopp) from € 288,-
Zürich Finnair (Nonstop) from € 319,-
Amsterdam Finnair/ (Nonstop) from € 207,-
Heathrow Finnair (Nonstop) from € 230,-
Gatwick Norwegian (Nonstop) from € 210,-
Manchester Finnair (Nonstop) from € 261,-
Birmingham KLM (1 Stopp) from € 334,-
Bristol KLM (1 Stopp) from € 298,-
Edinburgh Finnair (Nonstop) from € 387,-
Glasgow KLM (1 Stopp) from € 277,-
Dublin Finnair/KLM (Nonstop/1Stops) from € 248,-

There are also flights from Ryan Air, Norwegian Air, Air Baltic, Eurowings,... depending on the departure point. It may be cheaper to fly one day earlier or depart later and enjoy some sightseeing in Helsinki.

Hotel / Bungalow​​​​​​​:
We have been at Himos Leisure Resort for over 22 years. We live here traditionally in typical Finnish modern bungalows as also we have hotel rooms there. There are three different types of bungalows, see the description of the different bungalows on the homepage. The bungalows all have fully equipped kitchens, most have a sauna and some also have a whirlpool as an extra booking. After an action-packed day of rallying, enjoy the evening with your friends on the veranda of your bungalow. The hotel rooms are close to the lake, for those who want to go swimming in the evening or in the morning. But also from the bungalows you can reach the lake with a short walk.

The bus company, Sunny Busse, with which we travel, has also accompanied us for many years. We already have our regular drivers here. At most of the special stages, we have parking spaces reserved especially for Rallytravels where we park directly or only a few hundred metres next to the stage.​​​​​​​

Food - Drinks​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:
For all self-caterers we will of course stop at a supermarket 2-3 times during the rally week. In the bungalows there is a fully equipped kitchen. At the stages in Finland you will always find kiosks from the local sports clubs with food and drinks. In Himos, near the bungalows and hotel rooms, there are restaurants, a pizzeria and a small supermarket. It is nevertheless recommended to always carry a backpack with the most necessary drinks and snacks to the stages. Also, small foldable camping chairs are always very popular with our guests.

Plan for 2024​​​​​​​:

We plan to visit the shakedown, 6 - 7 special stages and the service park in Jyväskylä in 2024 as we have done in the last years.

We have rally fans from all over the world with us, mostly from Sweden, Austria, Norway, Germany and France. Our tour guides are in Swedish, German, English and French.

Our Rallytravels guides are all infected with the rally virus and work in one position or another in the rally business and are therefore qualified to answer your questions.

Our regular crew is Per Carlsson and Claudia Bidlas who are with us on all trips. On the bigger trips they are supported by Miriam Waldfridsson, Marc Hermes, Mattias Adielsson and Roger Turesson.

Rallytravels Cancellation insurance: (on request, € 50,-)

Rallytravels cancellations up to 30 days before arrival - 85% of the Rallytravels travel expenses back
Rallytravels cancellation 29 - 15 days before arrival - 70% of the Rallytravels travel expenses back
Rallytravels cancellation 14 days - 48 hours before arrival - 50% of the Rallytravels travel expenses back
Rallytravels cancellation from 47 hours before arrival 0 % of the Rallytravels travel expenses back
Non utilization of the insurance – no repurchase!
The insurance must be booked latest 14 days after booking the tour.